Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Parties and Pals

Howdy ho!! We've been up to a few things since we last posted. So let's get right to it all...

In July, we took a roadtrip to go to Mom's Aunt Marie's wedding in Traverse City. It was a beautiful event on the beach and we had a great time at it and walking around town.

We've done some socializing this summer. Mom had some friends and their kids over. My boy Sebastian rocks! Lorelai and I had great conversation over some pizza too.

Later, Mom and I drove to Chicago to see my friend Keira's new baby brother Dillon. We had blast going to Shedd's Aquarium and Morton Arboritum. Don't be hatin', the girls love me!

Big update with my brother Scott - he turned two!!! He got some great presents. I was very persistent in asking if I could play with them. Luckily, he had enough that he didn't miss the ones I soon took over as my own. Gotta be some benefits to being the older brother!

I had my first dentist appointment and let me just be honest - I was a GREAT patient. I'm looking forward to going back and showing them my pearly whites in a few months.

We went to another wedding and Scott really enjoyed himself. By the way, what's in the cup Scott? It better be water or I'm telling on you!

I knew I was popular, but I didn't realize I was popular enough to have a train named after me AND in a museum. It's true, I have pictures to prove it.

Scott and I like to play around in the back of Dad's truck. Boys and their trucks!

Halloween is pure awesomeness. It lasted for weeks! We went trick-or-treating again at the campground. This year it was warm weather and we loaded up on the candy. I was Captain America, of course, and Scottie was a fireman. I got a lot of props on the costume. Someone even gave me a diecast car. It was a Volvo. I'm only 3 so I didn't see the connection on that one. Halloween festivities also included the Halloween Carnival at our school, trick-or-treating at school earlier that day and then Halloween night around town. I didn't put much effort into that last one, I'll admit. It was cold and I already had plenty of candy.

Dad got the swingset up and we've had fun playing with it. Here's a peek at it through a tomato mom grew in her garden. It was donut-shaped. Very weird!

I'm gonna wrap this blog entry up now. I don't want to overload you with all of our cuteness. Early next year I'll be posting about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Scott - take me out, homie-style: PEACE OUT!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Fun

Well hellooooo there! Where have you been? What? What do you mean 'where have I been' ? Scott and I have been here and there and all around enjoying life. Like what you ask? Well let me tell you...

Let's start with Easter. We had so much fun going on some Easter egg hunts and finding our baskets at home, that Easter bunny is sneaky. It was such a nice day he left some eggs outside for us to find and Grandma & Grandpa helped us and had dinner too.

The weather has been great so we've been playing outside since March. Mom even took us to go get ice cream in April!

Daddy has been busy with lots of projects too. We helped, of course!

We play sports and do boy stuff every day. We love helping Daddy go fishing. In fact, just the other night Daddy took me out on the boat on the pond, I loved it!

Scott joined Facebook and is always chatting with the ladies. Looks like he got one of those funny email forwards...

In May we took a trip up to Grandma & Papa's cabin. I had such a blast playing in the water, once I got over being upset after Papa pushed me over to get me used to the water, tough love or so they say. I couldn't get enough of the beach.

Now if only Scottie would enjoy it too, unfortunately he's kind of afraid of the water and won't touch it. What a wuss. He did show that piano a thing or two!

We've been to picnics and baseball games. Even a wedding on the beach in Traverse City!

Mom said she wanted to go places and do things this year and she wasn't kiddin'! She even took me all the way to Virginia! We drove there with Grandmother & Grandfather to go see my NEW cousin, Gresham! He's the best baby I've ever seen, I barely heard a peep out of him.

Then again I was so busy playing with my cousin Thomas. He was great and shared all his stuff with me and we played at the park. If the drive wasn't 10 hrs, I'd go back next week! I managed the trip just fine though with my DVD player and doritos. What more could a boy want?

Back home Daddy is teaching me to swim in our new beach! It's so great to go play out there and wade in the water. Can't wait until Scott is brave, like me, to get in!

Another project Daddy completed was building our new swing set! It's BEYOND awesome, let me tell you! Mom took us to the park while he was building it and we were surprised with it when we got home.

Scott is finally talking more and more. We get along so well too. Hopefully he doesn't forget who's in charge though, Me, that's right. Yea, I'm talking to you man!

I don't think I told y'all but I'm a big boy now, I've been going potty on my own for months. Sometimes I get so involved in what I'm doing my underwear doesn't get pulled up all the way, or maybe I'm going to be a plumber. I do love "fixing" stuff under the kitchen sink...

I think you're all caught up now. I've got lots more planned for this summer so stay tuned. Eat your heart out ladies!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm the stronger man

So last month I had my third birthday party. And as far as I'm concerned I'm three times as cute as when I was born. I had a rockin' birthday party with my family. I got some cool stuff like a Thomas the Train set that Scott and I play with practically every day.

We've been practicing all kinds of sports inside too. I'm showing major improvement batting left-handed. And I've got a wicked throw too. Here I am shooting my bow.

Scott has been really active. He's running all over and is up and down the stairs so fast. This was his first blanket fort. I think he likes it, don't you?

Mom took me to the children's museum recently and we had so much fun. I had to call in the fire to the station. I keep bugging mom to take me back. Hopefully next time Scott can come too.

Scott is still the power eater. He loves himself some tomato soup. He eats it by the handful, no joke, he grabs a fistful of soup (I have no idea how) and then stuffs his fist in his mouth. What a weirdo!

I'm eating a lot better too now. Mom and Dad say eating my dinner gives me big muscles! They are getting so big that I push open the doors for Mom and say "I'm the stronger man!"

Scott went to the park last weekend and had lots of fun on the slides. The weather is warming up so we'll have lots of fun at the park this year. I can't wait!

Scott and I are getting along pretty good most of the time. I love to make him laugh by talking baby talk to him. I must be cracking some good jokes cause he laughs so hard.

Speaking of cracks. Here's your public service announcement kids: crack kills!!
Until next time, keep it real!